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Oklahoma and Texas A&M play in the Sweet 16 tonight, so prepare your hateful memes

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Former Big 12 rivals Oklahoma and Texas A&M reconvene to play some basketball this evening. It's nowhere near as hatin' as an Aggies-Longhorns game would've been, if it wasn't for that meddling Northern Iowa. But it'll do, especially for those of us who like making jokes online at others' expense.

How does this impact you, general college football fan? Well, after 2012's Cotton Bowl flattening, an A&M win tonight would mean you could share images like this with your friends in the name of basketball:

Because this wouldn't just be a Sweet Sixteen loss, but a loss with some deep historical sensations and familial angst.

So if Oklahoma wins ... oh, you already know what's appearing on the timeline.

Will need a Crying Jordan, though.

The football rivalry record stands at 19-11 in favor of OU. The record in basketball, the sport that's actually happening, is 31-10, Sooners. Ignore these facts and prepare memes.

Hey, this was a fun thing. A bunch of us figured out which school we'd commit to right now if we were five-star recruits. I assigned myself LSU and did so in the comments, which turned out to be interesting and pleasant.

Bill C team of the day: Colorado State, yet another team in this Mountain West run that's on the rise, but not necessarily right now.

Let's talk to Justin Fuente, the first new Virginia Tech head coach since 1987, about Blacksburg vs. Memphis and a whole lot more.

Meanwhile, our far more serious and accomplished podcast spent 20 minutes talking about Rick James and Ben Affleck before barely getting to its topic, the Longhorn Network.

How long it's been since each team's had a first-round draft pick. This will make you wonder, among other things, exactly why Iowa State's a Power 5 program.

Aw hell yeah, it's really coach-jawin' season. Kliff Kingsbury advises Charlie Strong to dial it back.


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Are we tired of Jim Harbaugh's crap yet? I'm sure not, fwiw. (Also, he's gonna camp in Mississippi.)

College football's next big bidding war: the Big Ten's TV deal.

Oh, hey, who's gonna replace the Heisman Trophy winner at Alabama? Probably like six different five-stars?

All's par for the course (Georgia sports reference) for the Dawgs, where a quarterback's still punting well.

Yesterday was National Puppy Day, so here are college football's 28 live dog mascots, ranked-ish.

Per the numbers, Missouri's putting together perhaps the best decade of defense in school history. And they said a Big 12 defense couldn't stand up to the SEC.

Keyshawn Johnson's son committed to Nebraska, and you are among the ancients.

Hold up, Northwestern beat out bunches of big schools for recruits two days in a row. We gotta re-calibrate this reality. BRB.

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