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Boise State, the only college football power that's ballin' on a budget

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In only 20 years as an FBS program, Boise State's gone from relatively nothing to two top-five finishes, 10 top-20 finishes, three BCS/New Year's Six bowl wins, various Power 5 upsets, all those acres of WAC carnage, and a chill culture based on nothing but winning. Even a disappointing 2015 included Boise State giving the biggest beatdown of an FBS opponent so far this millennium.

But just how high the Broncos have leaped above their allotted altitude is still easy to forget. This chart (explained here) shows the Broncos as the only extreme outlier on college football's money list over the last decade:

(And yeah, we know it looks silly that Bama's not at the tippity-top, but it's based on widely accepted rankings. The Tide had a couple bad years in here, and the top four are basically tied in the average Massey rankings anyway. Surely four national titles will soften the blow of looking slightly less than perfect on an Internet chart.)

You've heard about the NFL and Disney (and so forth) threatening to pull business from Georgia if a new, dumb law passes. The sports thing the state should really worry about is the SEC, based on the money.

Bill C team of the day: Air Force, finally a Mountain West team on his list that should be really good this year.

"Kansas football players playing basketball at practice."


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Steve Spurrier will be presented with an award at Tennessee's spring game, despite all the ferocious bars and football defeats he's heaped upon the Vols over the decades.

Same. Boston College declines to play UConn at Fenway Park, perhaps because baseball stadiums are bad.

Texas would like to remind you that its new, Baylor-ish offense is at least as much about running as it is about passing.

All spring games should probably be replaced by letting fans and players goof around on the field.