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Oklahoma is the first school to make the Playoff and Final Four in the same season

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Getty and USA Today

The Oklahoma Sooners became the answer to a new trivia question this weekend, beating Oregon to advance to the Final Four against Villanova. Combine that with OU's trip to the College Football Playoff in 2015-16, and you have the first-ever school to reach both major tournament final fours in a single season.

Two things:

  1. Yeah, the Playoff's only two years old. So? If this didn't happen until 2026, we'd be impressed, and now we don't have to wait that long. Somebody was gonna pull it off eventually, and OU did it almost right away.
  2. Yeah, other teams would've done it before, if the Playoff had been around longer. Florida and Ohio State in 2006-07 would've been the most recent, possibly the only ones since at least the 1990s. And nobody can ever top what UF did then, beating those Buckeyes to win titles in both sports. You're still special, Florida.

Happy Easter! Houston turned practice into a brawl between two giant bunnies, and James Franklin destroyed a piñata with a Bill Goldberg flying spear while dressed as a bunny. It's a violent sport.

Elsewhere for these two schools, Houston's head coach calls for more human-friendly transfer rules, and former Penn State QB Christian Hackenberg is reportedly placing blame on Franklin during NFL interviews.

Bill C team of the day: Utah State, which finally turns the page, but whoa, what a lot of pages to turn.


Jim Harbaugh and his players are doubling down on his ferocious tweet at Ohio State's AD.

Here's a Texas Tech receiver doing a 60-inch box jump while wearing a 10-pound vest, according to the description.

USC's down a likely starting defensive lineman for September, but that's OK, because surely the schedule starts off nice and ea- oh, it's Alabama.

Florida State's new video board could eat its old video board for brunch. Jimbo Fisher sounds much more pleased by the state of FSU practice, and redshirt freshman Deondre Francois is making his move toward the starting QB job.


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TCU's adding a statue of current head coach Gary Patterson. I don't know how you capture "this is a purple shirt and not a black shirt" in stone, but it must be done.

You are old. Mike Alstott's son is a Purdue commit.

Trent Richardson pins his pro struggles on how much less structure the NFL offers than Alabama did. Before we yell about spoiled athletes, let's remember our own college-to-pro transitions. I bought a brand new house in the year 2007, and that's way worse than anything Richardson's done.

"Boston College Is Paying Georgia Tech $900,000 For The Ireland Game." Hey, that'll pay most of another basketball coach buyout!

If we could add one game onto the 2002 season, USC might cash in the briefcase and give Ohio State a major scare.

Which mascot would most quickly destroy its team? I put on in this group post for the UT Dallas Comets.

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