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Robert Nkemdiche went to Ole Miss to join his brother, but now he's going pro solo

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In 2012, here was one of the moments that helped seal No. 1 recruit Robert Nkemdiche's commitment to Ole Miss: a Rebels loss to Texas A&M, and specifically what that loss did to brother Denzel.

"It was hard. It was awful. And I think he really saw his brother's pain that night," a former Rebel player said. "I think things changed because he saw Denzel hurting so bad and knew that he could have made a difference out there."

"Perception is reality: If a prospect believes they're a superstar, then they are, and you recruit them as such," Neal McCready said. "That night [Manziel] was a superstar, and Robert believed he could've made the difference, that he could have stopped him. That night he realized what he could do to help his brother."

Four years later, Robert and Denzel have agreed to spend time apart as the former begins his NFL career. Denzel ended his time as a player in between two hospitalizations last season and was present when Robert fell from an Atlanta hotel, for what that's worth. Said the physically bigger brother:

"It's not really tough because we're at that point in our lives where we're grown up," Robert said. "We have to understand situations. Some things have to happen.

"I will never ever let anything get in the way of my football career. Football is always going to be first. Football is my everything. Football is my purpose in this world, and everything factors around that."

Ole Miss pro day was the scene of the week yesterday, with three potential top-20 picks.

Among the many dumb things my state's up to, there's a law meant to make it more of a pain to request public records from UGA, all in the name of being a tiny bit more like Bama.

Laremy Tunsil is expected to be the No. 1 pick, but retired DE Stephen White says Notre Dame's Ronnie Stanley is a better pick at OT.

Bill C team of the day: San Diego State, which might've gone from decent to mid-major power all of a sudden. We'll find out for sure this year.

Ole Miss' Laquon Treadwell, first round wide receiver, ran a 4.63. So what?

Remember the Oklahoma player who flipped off Tennessee fans during a heated postgame? He's now leaving OU.


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One potential Auburn starting QB is really small. Like, showed up to campus at 174 pounds. Not worried about all the running that position requires?

This "certainly is the most athletic safety roster Nick Saban has had," says Roll Bama Roll.

Bernie Sanders' campaign says its strategy is basically hoping for lots of Signing Day flips.

Oklahoma State receives commits from a pair of twins who combine for seven stars.

Michigan added two commits and has two more talking visits, including a blue chip Alabama commit.

Houston's Easter bunny fight was the pivotal moment of the season and of the future.

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