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Lil Wayne signed a Florida State linebacker as the first client of his 2-year-old sports agency

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Remember Young Money Sports? They're in business!

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You might not remember when rapper Lil Wayne started his sports management agency, Young Money Sports, back in 2014. I didn't, due in large part to Young Money not getting their first client for nearly two years. They finally have one though, according to TMZ Sports, in Florida State linebacker Reggie Northrup.

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Well, sort of. Northrup clarified to the Tallahassee Democrat that his future contract negotiations would be handled by Rep 1 Sports, and Young Money would only be handling his marketing.

"Lil Wayne seen something in me. He's seen me play. He wanted to start something up, and get involved in the sports world. He's a big fan of sports. He liked my game, and they wanted to do something with me."

"They've been supporting me through this process, and I'm blessed to be affiliated with them."

Northrup led the Seminoles with 94 tackles in 2015, which is pretty notable considering he tore his ACL in the Rose Bowl in January 2015.

Now, whether Northrup gets drafted this year is an open question. He's not a high level prospect, and while that hasn't stopped lots of players from going on to productive NFL careers, it seems a little curious that Young Money would try to make a splash with their first client, one that will probably be drafted on the final day, if he is at all.

But hey, everybody has to start somewhere, I suppose.