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What's the best college football game you totally missed out on watching?

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Your man Bill Connelly has been ranking historical college football stuff this week. The latest edition: ranking the 20 greatest matchups in college football history, based on combined team quality heading into kickoff. The legendary BCS Championship of 2005 between Texas and USC clocks in at No. 3.

I missed the ending of that game, when Vince Young powered the Longhorns over the only other team that really mattered from that entire season. It stands as the most-viewed college football game of the BCS/Playoff era, at very least, and I saw most of it, but fell asleep when USC was winning by two scores late. I was working 4 a.m. shifts at a grocery store at the time and going to college, but none of this is any excuse for my behavior.

How about you? What's your biggest football-viewing shame?

Here's how LSU's new defense will work, and we're pretty confident about the "will work" part, seeing as it worked at Wisconsin despite no five-stars playing there.

Interviewing Bronco Mendenhall on his new job at Virginia and his extremely creative child-naming skills is The Solid Verbal.

Bill C team of the day: Louisiana-Lafayette, which has a chance to show 2015 was the fluke year.

There's really no understating how sad it is that Idaho and New Mexico State are being kicked out of FBS's worst conference.


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A thorough Vine examination of Houston QB Kyle Allen's bizarre admission that he once harbored a fear of guacamole.

Let's fix these conferences. The Shutdown Fullcast slides some teams to their rightful homes, including Clemson to the SEC, Colorado to the Mountain West and Indiana to anywhere but the SEC East, which the Hoosiers would win annually.

Oklahoma State's new uniforms feature a bunch of little cowboy details, like Barry Sanders' number hidden in a bandana print.

President Obama's now hosted Alabama at the White House so many times, he's calling himself O'Bama.

Penn State's starting running back breaking the program power-clean record by heaving 390 pounds will make you want to kick in a few extra push-ups today.

Pac-12 Transfers Lightning Round!

Oregon State loses perhaps its best defender to Ole Miss, weeks after losing its best offensive weapon. OSU went 2-10 last year. Everything is fine.

A QB who transferred out of Cal after losing the depth chart battle with potential No. 2 pick Jared Goff has now wound up back at Cal.

A walk-on USC tight end reportedly transfers to a scholarship at UCLA after the Trojans fired his dad.

This has been Pac-12 Transfers Lightning Round!

STEVE SPURRIER BACK. Spurrier Jr., that is, at Oklahoma.

I don't really understand what we're looking at here. Bret Bielema and Mark Dantonio (and later, Butch Jones) are joking or something about crashing Michigan's spring practice at Football High School in Florida. Seems like everyone felt obligated to appreciate it more than it deserved, but coaches are certainly referencing each other's activities in some way.

Jim Harbaugh Is Weird. Here he is as a Detroit Tigers assistant.

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