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Georgia's changing a state law because its SEC football coach said it's different elsewhere

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So the state of Georgia is making some of its public records laws bad, in the name of college football. How bad, you ask? Well, via Dawg Nation:

"I've never seen anything like this before," said David Cuillier, an expert on Freedom of Information laws, who is an associate professor at the University of Arizona. "This is crazy. My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw that."

And that's not even the crazy part of that story. New UGA head coach Kirby Smart confirms a bill co-sponsor's staffer, who'd indicated the coach had something to do with the legislation:

"When I went over to the capitol, I was asked what's the difference in our program and some programs I've been at in the past," Smart said. "One of the things I brought up [was public records laws], there's a difference."

We got brand new football coaches pointing out state laws are more public-friendly in Georgia than they are in some combination of Alabama, Florida or Louisiana. And we got state senators who leap into action to change those laws, all to make the Dawgs like .01 percent better at recruiting, I guess?

It's starting to feel as if UGA employed Mark Richt like a hundred years ago. Lord, either help this state or set us adrift at sea.

Exactly how Will Muschamp will fix South Carolina's defense or scream himself into oblivion trying.

"How a smartphone app and $15 piece of cardboard are taking on football concussions." Because the NFL barely is.

Bill C team of the day: Boise State, which underachieved by about four wins last year (in a nine-win season) and looks like the Mountain West favorite anyway.


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The contract for an upcoming BYU-Virginia series ... kinda makes the Cougars look like the power program?

How the NFL Draft would go, if fans were in charge. We're through the top nine so far. Three recent or former Buckeyes already.

Hell yeah, Lovie Smith's getting into this college rivalry thing, calling Northwestern "the school up north." He never did that with the Green Bay Packers or Atlanta Falcons, to my knowledge.

One of Texas' various offensive coordinator-ish people under Charlie Strong winds up at Indiana.

Commit of the day: based on name alone, it's JUCO linebacker Britto Tutt to Arkansas.

Sorry 4 the wait. Lil Wayne's sports agency finally signs a client, and it's Florida State's leading tackler.

CROOTIN'! Last night, Miami had a recruit commit and decommit within the space of one hour.


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