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The Solid Verbal: Monster Q&A with 2016 QBs, pop punk, and assorted meats

It's been far too long, let's dive in.

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There comes a time in every person's life in which they must face a number of important questions. These questions include:

• Whose 2016 quarterback situation is most promising: Stanford's with Keller Chryst, Alabama's with either Blake Barnett or David Cornwell, USC with Max Browne, or North Carolina with Mitch Trubisky?

• How likely is a national championship rematch between Alabama and Clemson?

• Which albums do we consider to be our quintessential pop-punk releases?

• What meals are our go-to options when cooking at home?

• How will new Arizona defensive coordinator Marcel Yates do in taking over a Wildcat defense transitioning away from Jeff Casteel's 3-3-5 attack?

• What is Ty's year one marriage advice?

• In which situations is a short sleeved dress shirt appropriate to wear?

• Who will be 2016's version of Iowa?

• What is it like moving apartments in New York City?