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15 reasons you should be delighted if your NFL team drafts Cardale Jones

If your team can't use a powerful quarterback with a championship ring and tons of endearing personality, our team will happily welcome him.

Cardale Jones only threw 270 passes during his time at Ohio State. His numbers are not remarkable: 167-270 for 2,323 yards, 15 touchdowns, and seven interceptions, with 617 rushing yards and four rushing touchdowns. At 6'5 and 253, he has NFL size to spare, but his minimal experience and shaky 2015 have him considered a mid-round prospect.

He only started 11 games as a Buckeye, but he is sure to stick in the memory of college fans across the country, not just in Ohio. Some of that has to do with his first three career starts coming in the Big Ten Championship and then the first-ever College Football Playoff. That's one way to introduce yourself.

But we won't be alone in remembering Jones as one of the just plain funnest college players in a long time.

1. He's a social media treasure. Most people first heard of Jones when he tweeted that he was at Ohio State to play football, not "play school." He caught some heat for that, but changed his tune.


Now he even fixes the typos of media outlets who misspell his teammates' names.

His original tweet, ironically enough, found its way into an Ole Miss textbook for incoming freshman under the social media best practices section.

2. Furthermore, he tried to tweet his way into a date with UFC star Ronda RouseyShe declined, but undaunted, he showed up to fall camp wearing a Rousey shirt anyway.

As of 2016, he's still lovingly wishing her happy birthday.

3. Minutes after leading the Buckeyes to the 2014 national championship, he hit Urban Meyer with bunny ears at the press conference.

4. He then made tightwad NFL media members throw a fit when he held a press conference announcing he was returning to school.

5. He strives for the best at all times, even while playing NCAA Football against kids in the hospital.

5a. He talked a big mess when that same kid wanted a rematch.

This kept going until Jones agreed to learn how to play an NHL game.

6. When some putz on Twitter told him to #StickToSports instead of sharing political opinions, Cardale rocked him so bad that the guy went and deleted his account.

7. You can connect with him on LinkedIn!

8. He beefed with the Chicago Bulls' Joakim Noah, for some reason. Everyone should probably get into it with Noah at some point.

9. He faked a transfer to Akron in celebration of "May Fools."

10. When asked about Ohio State's crowded QB depth chart, he laughed at Notre Dame's lesser QB competition.

11. When not trampling regular-sized football players ...

12. ... he can definitely throw a football 74 yards. Jones has claimed he can reach 85 yards, and teammate Evan Spencer says, "You guys haven't seen all of his power. I've seen Cardale on one knee throw the ball 65 yards. I was dumbfounded."

13. When Ohio State's defensive coordinator took another job and tweeted about it while still on the clock, Jones declared him an immediate enemy. Playfully, of course.

14. Cardale's roommate and frequent foil, safety Tyvis Powell, is also in this year's draft class. Here are just the highlights of their public friendship:

Powell's attempt to play reporter at Cardale's media availability ahead of the Playoff title game blew up in a hurry.

If you think going straight to a joke about his mom was a bit rough, know that these two have been saying they're each other's fathers for a while.

When Jones announced his college return, Powell celebrated the household finances remaining stable.

After Cardale's pro day, Powell declared himself a "proud father."

We don't think it's too much to ask for Cardale and Powell to end up on the same team in the NFL. It's a modest request, but its fulfillment would cause this entire staff to hoot and holler in celebration for a minimum of 12 hours.

Whether Cardale Jones is a huge success in the NFL doesn't change anything.

He's given college football fans across the country lots of good things to remember, and that's enough. Hopefully he keeps being himself and wins at the NFL level, because ...

15. ... that would drive some very serious people nuts.