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Of course VT's naming its locker room after Frank Beamer. Look at him dance in it.

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Virginia Tech is naming its locker room after Frank Beamer, the greatest coach at school history and a tremendous locker room dancer. After observing the physical maneuvers he deployed in this space, you will agree that this locker room could never take another name.

Here he is leading the way on the "Harlem Shake." Turn the volume down if you're not ready to go back there. Players liked it.

Here's some sort of hustlin' chicken hop. Players liked it.

Coach Beamer breaks out the dance moves in the locker room!

A video posted by VT Football (@vthokiefootball) on

He's not all about speed, though. Players like the slow-burning grooves just as much.

Dab on UVA one last time, and then six other times. This was in Virginia's locker room, but players liked all seven.

He didn't just dance in that locker room. He's also danced in a sombrero at the Sun Bowl, which players liked, and did this shovelin'-coal squat. Players liked it.

PPPOWER RANKINGS! It's the Mountain West's turn, where there's a clear favorite in each division. Yes, Boise State and the defending conference champs are those favorites.

Oregon coach says he's got weird hair to make it easy for recruits to remember what he looks like.

Michigan State's 2016 class is done, with a four-star's legal issue now cleared up and his signature in the house.

Shutdown Fullcast mostly talks Georgia, from The Masters overshadowing UGA's spring game to Kirby Smart being the state's new governor.


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The Solid Verbal is likewise in extremely offseason mode, taking questions about 2016's QB situations and '90s bands.

CIRCLE OF INTRIGUE. Michigan's trying to steal a recruit from IllinoisOhio State's trying to steal a recruit from Michigan, and Illinois ... uh ... beat Ohio State in like 2007.

Jalen Ramsey says he's the best player in this draft. He might be, and he'd make two straight FSU No. 1s if the right team were to agree.

Today in Texas!

Ken from Street Fighter looks like Tim Tebow all of a sudden, by the way.

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