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College Football Playoff again on a dumb day, but now at slightly less stupid o'clock

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Hey, remember how the stupid New Year's Eve College Football Playoff's first year was a disaster, with TV ratings so lowESPN reportedly had to make up $20 million to advertisersHow the Playoff got the total blowouts it deserved, to ensure much of America wouldn't even have to worry about missing this mess? (And how the actual solution would be unbelievably simple?)

The Playoff has a solution of its own, bumping this year's games, the Fiesta and Peach, back one hour from last year, to 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. ET. In a normal year, that would mean the problem encountered by the first game (many people were still at work for most of it) could be even worse. This year, at least it's on a Saturday. And the problem of the latter (many people like to party on New Year's Eve) will maybe be slightly lessened, but far from solved. Overall, this is probably better, in the sense that a 34-degree, rainy day is probably better than a 33-degree, rainy day.

See you again this season, ESPN alert that Demi Lovato is taking the stage on ABC.

Here's how Mark Richt's new offense at Miami will work, and the short version is that, well, it will work.

The list of violations Ole Miss self-reported to the NCAA is some real scandalous stuff, including butt dials and some even sillier inconsequentialities.


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Bill C team of the day: Troy, which is a few playmakers away from a conference title run.

Let's put Lovie Smith-to-Illinois in some context: only seven coaches have gone from Super Bowls to college football.

Whether Lovie works out or not, the thing is that many people care about Illini football now. It's better to go 6-6 and have people notice than to do whatever it is this program's been doing for the last many decades. (Then again, Bill Cubit could've gotten you to 6-6 for a whole lot cheaper than $3.5 million per year.)

Cubit's ascent to the heaven that is No Longer Coaching Illinois should also be appreciated.

Monday's four-star commits: Oklahoma City DB Justin Broiles to Oklahoma and Miami WR Rodney Scott to Miami. Couple geographic shockers there!

Texas' first spring practice offers quarterback hope, and Wisconsin's got itself a QB battle coming up.

FOX Sports is paying Auburn $12 million a year for radio and stuff? OK.