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College football will only have a scant 41 bowl games, not a glorious 45

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Coastal Carolina University

After swelling to 42 bowl games last season, college football is pumping the brakes on adding any more.

An Austin game has long been in the works. That one would give us the spectacle of two minor teams with few fans in a 100,000-seat mansion. I'm guessing a Myrtle Beach bowl would've been played on Coastal Carolina's teal turf.

This is good for people who were unhappy about 5-7 teams going bowling last year (despite how great that turned out to be), and for those of us who have to cover all these things, not that anyone should worry about us. It's bad for people who like football and people who like being rewarded for playing football, whether their teams win many games or not.

RIP to Ohio State great Will Smith. The former Saints defensive end was murdered in New Orleans.

The NCAA preceded that defensible move by doing something silly and arguably harmful: banning satellite camps, which players and recruits were overwhelmingly in favor of. (But don't assign the Big Ten and its mid-major friends unearned virtue simply for trying to get more access to talented recruiting regions. As Bud reminds you, every single voting conference was self-interested.)

Stanford's coach got a little too blunt about all that camp stuff, saying some states might have only one player who could even get into his school anyway.

This weekend in spring football:

Bill C team of the day: Buffalo, where one of the greatest Division III coaches ever took one step forward in Year 0.


SMH I thought Will Muschamp was supposed to fix South Carolina's defense, and now a 94-year-old man is scoring on it SMH.

Draft stuff!


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So someone on Reddit made these maps showing which colleges people associate with which acronyms from state to state. Like, how people in most of the country think "Tech" means "Texas Tech," with obvious regional exceptions. It may or may not surprise you to learn that some people got mad about this.

Specifically, Tennessee fans camped out in our Twitter mentions all Sunday because Texas, the richest athletic department in the country, is the more prominent UT. They sent us Davy Crockett facts, 1986 trademark materials, and a good dose of hollerin'. So whenever someone says college football fans don't care about EVERYTHING, please know that they do.

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