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UCLA's quarterback went golfing at one of Donald Trump's courses in a 'F*ck Trump' hat

What a delightful bit of trolling.

You already knew UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen is very good at throwing footballs. But you probably didn't know Rosen has very good taste in golfing attire when he decides to tee it up.

Fuck Trump

A photo posted by Josh Rosen (@josh3rosen) on

You can't see it above, but Rosen was vigilant enough to also tag his photo with a "Trump National Golf Club" geotag. A review of a map of the area suggests that Rosen was, indeed, playing at Trump's course, or at least was close enough to steal an accurate geotag. And there aren't a lot of coastal courses in the area.

It's not the first cool thing Rosen has done. He also put a hot tub in his dorm room one time.

Of course, as he often and inexplicably does, Trump comes out of this little exchange as a winner. The green fees at his national club in Los Angeles these days are either $150 or $80 depending on the time of day.

We'll update this post when Trump starts tweeting mean things at Rosen later in the day.

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