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Georgia's lieutenant governor thinks the silliest possible thing about football

Priorities are good.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

A lot of ink has been spilled about the ludicrous new open records bill just signed into law in Georgia. But this quote from Lt. Governor Casey Cagle takes the cake for strangest thing you've ever heard uttered in reference to an open records law:

"I hope it brings us a national championship is what I hope."

Athletic departments in the state of Georgia will now have 90 days to respond to Freedom of Information Act requests, a mere 87-day increase over the old time frame of three days. This change apparently came at the behest of new Georgia head coach Kirby Smart, who said that he alluded that this law was different in Alabama, where he used to coach.

This was apparently enough to get lawmakers to spring into action, despite the fact that the ability to hide what the program was doing for a few months gives them no discernible competitive advantage, even in recruiting. It also does nothing to control the kids being recruited, who for the most part cannot stop posting on social media about which schools they've been talking to. All this does is needlessly obstruct the public from access to information.

It's hard to pinpoint the most mind-numbing part about this whole story, but that quote surely zooms to near the top.

For more information on this preposterous situation, please see Matt Brown's thorough explainer.