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Bret Bielema wanted to turn the tables and have satellite camps in Big Ten country

Hard to imagine a reason other than to make Big Ten coaches mad.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Football coaches are a notoriously buttoned-up group of people. They are creatures of extreme habit who bury themselves in their work, and there's no time for nonsense. Bill Belichick and Nick Saban may be extreme examples, but most coaches can't be bothered for jokes and other light-hearted foolishness unless Light-Hearted Foolishness is the name of a four-star linebacker prospect.

Arkansas' Bret Bielema is not like most coaches. This is the man who referred to beating Texas in a low-to-mid-level bowl game as "borderline erotic." And in light of the hubbub surrounding satellite camps and their recent ban, he wants everyone to know that the Hogs had a plan too.

While teams like Michigan and Penn State were heading down south to put on camps, Ole Bret was planning an end around and heading north to give the Big Ten a taste of its own medicine. It almost doesn't matter if Bielema is joking here or not, but if he's not, let's take note that a Big Ten team was willing to act as the host for a visiting SEC team's satellite camp.

One could only imagine the reaction of Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh when he heard Bielema's comments. Considering how strongly he panned the SEC for orchestrating the satellite camp ban, I doubt he found much humor in Bielema going on the radio to have a little fun at his expense.