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Pac-12 says the Pac-12 voted incorrectly on the NCAA's camps ban. Did UCLA go rogue?

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Oh dear.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The story surrounding the NCAA's ban of satellite camps has been the talk of the offseason so far this year, and it does not appear to be over yet.

The Pac-12, of course, voted to ban satellite camps, much to the dismay of a number of coaches inside the conference. Washington State head coach Mike Leach, never one to mince words, was particularly upset about how things came to pass.

We're trying to uncover this, I'm sure most of the Pac-12 is trying to uncover this. The Pac-12 poll: 11 in favor of satellite camps, one abstention. Now how that unfolds into a [conference] vote against satellite camps, I can't imagine. It's unfathomable.

Why UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero decided to vote counter to the wishes of the rest of the Pac-12 is an extremely good question. Here's his explanation; basically, he saw one of the proposals was going to pass regardless of how he voted, then voted for the one that jived with the current conference rule about camps.

However, even if the Pac-12 had voted against the ban, the math would have still worked out in favor of a ban. Each power conference had two votes, and each Group of Five had one. The vote ended up 10-5 before, and changing the Pac-12's two votes only makes it 8-7 and doesn't change the outcome of the vote.

Coaches in both the Sun Belt and the Mountain West expressed their frustration to SB Nation about the satellite camp ban, and both of those conferences also voted for the ban. Had those conferences voted against the ban, it would not have passed.