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Of course it was the Pac-12 that screwed up its NCAA camps vote

This latest instance of wackiness fits right in with the Pac-12's aesthetic.

The Pac-12 exists as the strange, eccentric family down the street of the college football world. It's always done things its own way. Usually, that provides a lot of oddly fun, late-night football, but the most recent instance of the Pac-12 operating in bizarre fashion isn't quite so fun.

The conference voted for the recent NCAA satellite camp ban, which prompted some sharp criticism from some of the conference's more outspoken coaches. Eleven schools opposed the ban, according to Washington State's Mike Leach, and there wasn't much information as to how the conference ended up voting for it.

That is, until conference commissioner Larry Scott came out and said this:

If this was going to happen to any conference, it had to be the Pac-12.

This conference is home to officials who routinely appear like they've never seen the sport before they stepped onto the field that day. It has insane shootouts that burn deep into the middle of the night on a nearly weekly basis. The Pac-12 is a place where bizarre things happen all the time, so it can't come as too big a surprise that the conference's representative for the satellite camp vote did the exact opposite of what everyone else wanted. That's just life in the wild west.

Really, a possibly botched vote isn't close to the craziest thing that's happened in the Pac-12.

Usually referees are the ones in the center of the madness, though, not administrators. Remember the time a referee failed to spot the ball during Arizona State's bizarre last-second win over Wisconsin?

Oh boy, that's the stuff. And how about the time Washington State scored a touchdown on a fifth down due to an inadvertent whistle?

Or how about a ref just shouting "PREVIOUS!" for no discernible reason?

Frequently, occurrences of #Pac12Refs will intersect with #Pac12AfterDark, those amazing late nights when the hearty few still conscious are treated to moments of pure lunacy. Like, for instance, the time Utah fans rushed the field three separate times in one night.

So really, this is all pretty much par for the course.