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The education of Nick Saban

Sometimes, the best lessons aren’t anywhere near a classroom.

With his successes at LSU and Alabama, including his now five total national championships, Nick Saban is unquestionably atop the college football coaching mountain in Tuscaloosa, but his journey, like most, has been a winding one. He grew up in rural West Virginia, and despite his successes growing up, it too ka very important lesson from his father, “Big Nick” to send the message home of how important and valuable an education would be for Saban.

In addition to the lesson from “Big Nick,” Saban has learned a good deal about the value of a college education, not just in an academic setting, but also as it relates to leadership abilities and time management. It’s easy to shrug off the term “student athlete,” but the growth that occurs as players mature in a college setting is undeniably significant.

Alabama TE O.J. Howard and WR Richard Mullaney weigh in with their own experiences as well.