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Kentucky player clarifies apparent allegation of rude treatment by Urban Meyer

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Four-star Kentucky lineman Landon Young, a freshman, has accused Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer of brusque treatment and a flawed eye for talent, saying the coach treated him like "crap."

The player's side of the story:

I went up and said, ‘Coach (Meyer), what was the reason that you all of a sudden offered me [after several other schools]?' He said, ‘We looked at your tape, and it was pretty good and I saw interest in that.' I said, ‘Well coach, back when I was just committing to Kentucky and keeping my options open, I came up to a camp and sent you my film and everything, and you didn't even reply. It seemed like y'all just deleted it.'

He said, ‘Well, if you look back at that time, you were how big?' I said, ‘6-7, 270, just like I am now.' He said, ‘Well, you were an insubstantial tackle, an insubstantial player,' so he was saying I (didn't) even amount to being able to be recruited by Ohio State as a four-star tackle.

He said, ‘Now what offers did you have?' I said, ‘I had my one from Kentucky,' and he said, ‘Well, you were an insubstantial player with insubstantial offers from an insubstantial school.'

And Meyer's response:

"We have a lot of respect for him as a player, a lot. I was very disappointed in our staff that we didn't offer him earlier. Then about the treatment thing, we don't do that on purpose, if that's his feelings. I went back and talked to our staff about it.

"We don't want that to be happening, but that was one [recruit] out of 650 saying 'Someone has treated me bad.' I think we missed on him early on and I was very upset with our coaching staff and the recruiter in that area and the position coach."

So, Meyer agrees with the late offer part. It would be a misunderstanding of how recruiting works to assume the head coach is the only coach with input into offers, so it is entirely possible this was a staff dispute. Which, whatever. Even the best coaches miss on players sometimes. (Meyer sure is airing out barely unnamed assistants more these days, though, right?)

It sounds like Meyer would like to squash this without addressing the allegation that stuck out to most people, the "insubstantial" part. We have no way of knowing whether he actually used those words or whether the player was speaking in such a way that would invite a curt response or ... wow, okay, phew, clock's up and we can move off this topic.

Update: Almost!

OK, now moving on.

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