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The Solid Verbal: The evolving, scheming mind of Rich Rodriguez

You want offense? We've got offense.

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On the first episode of 2016's SCHEME THEME MONTH, Arizona head coach Rich Rodriguez comes on the show to talk about the forefathers of the (modern) spread running offense (Gus Malzahn, Chip Kelly, Urban Meyer, et al), the challenges the offenses face, the process and length of time it takes to properly develop a QB, what recruits are asking about during the recruiting process now more than ever, and what he things of the supposed fourth phase of football.

It's no surprise that Rodriguez is quite forthcoming and blunt about his thought regarding the current college football landscape, especially one that counts the run-pass option as the trend everyone is trying to both implement on offense and destroy on defense.

He also talks about responsibilities and development of various positions on offense and how this process relates to building a sustained successful attack over the long term, something everyone's constantly searching for.