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Hi, here's Mark Richt working out in a 1982 Italian jeans commercial

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Hello, via the Palm Beach Post's Matt Porter, the story of this 1980s commercial by an Italian company for a product named Jesus Jeans. It stars at one point a Miami student-athlete named Mark Richt, who'd go on to be the head football coach at Georgia before returning to take over his alma mater's program.

Just the highlights, thanks:

From Porter's interview with one of Richt's co-stars:

How did they find the actors?

There was a casting call among UM students. I was a lifeguard at the pool and found out while working there. Just showed up and they picked a few of us.

What do you remember about the shoot? Anything Richt do stick out to you?

I remember helping him out with the cues for his scenes. And that the chicks paid him a lot of attention.

The name "Jesus Jeans" is, of course, interesting, given Richt's public faith. Before watching, I expected the ad to be for a religious company that sells pants, but there seemed to be too many butts for that. The jeans were indeed controversial in the '80s, and Richt wouldn't become deeply religious until 1986.

Anyway, the point is that we've now seen Mark Richt working out in a 1982 Italian jeans commercial.


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