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Ole Miss is convinced the Laremy Tunsil texts weren't totally faked, per ESPN

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Still in question: whether they were altered in any way.

Ole Miss believes Laremy Tunsil really sent controversial text messages like the ones that appeared on his Instagram account, according to a report by ESPN's Outside The Lines.

Whether the screenshots that appeared during the NFL Draft on his hacked account were altered in any way, however, is still up in the air, per the report. For what it's worth, a pair of time stamps are out of order, as can be seen early in the first image below.

A series of screenshots posted on Tunsil's now-deactivated page purportedly showed the much-hyped draft prospect asking Assistant Athletic Director of Football Operations John Miller for money to pay his rent and his mother's electricity bill.

Tunsil initially appeared to admit he had taken money from an Ole Miss coach, but hasn't commented on the hacking since draft night. Mississippi assistant Barney Farrar, who is implicated in the messages, denied the big left tackle had ever asked him for money.

This is just the latest drama to ensnare Tunsil and the Rebels. On Wednesday, news broke that Hugh Freeze's lawyer has requested the head coach not be deposed in a lawsuit filed against the former Rebel by his stepfather.

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A video cost Laremy Tunsil millions at the draft

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