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Tulane's set to debut these gorgeous sky-blue uniforms

The Green Wave ... and the Blue Wave, and the Black Wave?

Tulane's been known as the Green Wave since 1920, when the school newspaper published a song that bestowed the team name. Tulane's uniforms, though, have been forgettably green for many years -- even though Shaun King led the team to an undefeated season in 1998, does anyone remember how Tulane looked, except for "kinda green?"

New Nike uniforms, unveiled by Tulane head coach Willie Fritz's Twitter account back in May, might shake that up.

The team will be debuting the blue ones Saturday against Louisiana-Lafayette and they are downright gorgeous.

The swooshed duds apparently come in a dark green, the obviously necessary black, and white road versions. And the Green Wave seem to have three other helmets and three pairs of pants, bringing their theoretical uniform combinations to a round 48, not far off the 64 its AAC brother UCF touted when debuting its duds.

For a program like Tulane that has just three winning seasons this millennium, it's probably okay to switch things up.