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A slapdash podcast predicts the 2016 college football season, 5 teams at a time

Let's collect the records our weirdest college football podcast is throwing out for this year's Power 5 teams.

David Banks/Getty Images

College football podcast Shutdown Fullcast is trying something unusual: talking about college football. To be specific, we're doing weekly previews of random batches of five power-conference teams at a time for the 2016 season, including a predicted win-loss record for each.

Several batches in, here's how things are developing. I'll update this after we sort of cover each cluster of five teams, unless I forget. Georgia Tech is running wild based on Paul Johnson randomness, and everything else kind of makes sense?

If we fail to agree on a record or forget to declare one, I'll estimate a number that reflects the tenor of our sentiment, maybe clearing it with Ryan and Spencer or maybe not.

Conference standings should not actually use overall records, but we're doing our best to deliver even those. New additions italicized:

ACC Atlantic ACC Coastal
Clemson 11-1 Georgia Tech 10-2
Florida State 10-2 Miami 9-3
Louisville 8-4 Virginia Tech 8-4
NC State 6-6 Pitt 8-4
Syracuse 5-7 North Carolina 7-5
Boston College 5-7 Duke 5-7, with APR bragging
Wake Forest 3-9 Virginia Hard pass
Notre Dame can go here, I guess idk
Big 12
TCU 11-1
Oklahoma 10-2
Texas 9-3
Oklahoma State 8-4
West Virginia 8-4
Texas Tech 6-6
Kansas State 5-7
Iowa State 4-8
Kansas 1-11
B****r *-*
Big Ten East Big Ten West
Michigan 12-0 Wisconsin 7-5
Ohio State 10-2 Nebraska 6-6
Michigan State 8-4 Minnesota 6-6
Penn State 6-6 Northwestern 6-6
Indiana 6-6 Purdue 3-9
Maryland 4-8 Iowa 1-0 vs. Iowa State
Rutgers 2-10 Illinois Skip
Pac-12 North Pac-12 South
Stanford 9-3 UCLA 9-3
Washington 9-3 Utah 8-4
Oregon 9-3 USC 7-5
Washington State 9-3 Arizona 6-6
Cal 3-9 Arizona State 6-6
Oregon State Check back in 2017 Colorado 5-7
SEC East SEC West
Tennessee 10-2 LSU 11-1
Georgia 9-3 Alabama 10-2
Florida 8-4 Ole Miss 8-4
Missouri 5-7 but bowling this time! Auburn 7-5
Kentucky 5-7 Arkansas 6-6
South Carolina 5-7 Texas A&M 6-6
Vanderbilt 5-7 Mississippi State 5-7