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Photographic evidence that Steve Spurrier and Frank Beamer are dominating retirement

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College football lost a bunch of older coaches to retirement this past offseason. It's time to check in on what a couple of these gentlemen -- one of whom left via a satisfactory, dancing farewell tour and one of whom just up and skedaddled -- got up to just this weekend.

Frank Beamer

Is that a Cook-Out milkshake and a pedi at the same damn time?

Retirement Rating: 10

Steve Spurrier

Gonna need him to explain in like nine words why his fedora is a better coach than Larry Fedora.

Retirement Rating: 10

Now how do these young pups (retirement-wise) stand up against the king of retired college football coaches himself? Let's see the man's last tweeted photo.

The retirement god Rich Brooks

Retirement Rating: Incalculable, as always



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A hootin', hollerin' billionaire important person at Houston thinks Texas is just skeered to let the Cougars in the Big 12.

Bill C team of the day: Iowa State, which probably hired a pretty good coach, and it probably won't matter much. :-/

CROOTIN'. LSU won the weekend, adding two four-stars and a fullback.

The other big commit is a four-star who dropped Georgia after it fired Mark Richt, then joined him in Miami.

Extremely offseason voice: A Michigan staffer is accusing Rutgers of jacking the Wolverines' recruiting graphics.

Stanford put a tree in its logo to help David Shaw stand apart from Syracuse and NC State on the East Coast, and nine other fun facts about the Cardinal head coach.

It's still jarring to realize multiple credible analysts are presenting cases that Art Briles could be fired soon. We'll wait to see what happens.

Jim Mora was so unhappy about QB Josh Rosen wearing a "Fuck Trump" hat on the quasi-presidential candidate's golf course, he called it Johnny Manziel behavior.

Nick Saban explains why he's waiting out the Cam Robinson situation before acting.

So ... um ... we're gonna be talking Big Ten expansion again within the next decade. Here's how things will likely stand.

Lots of NFL Draft folks are talking up Minnesota's QB as a potential first-rounder. I don't understand many of the NFL's QB thoughts, but what the galloping hell is going on here?

There's a Mississippi high school that calls itself the Aggies and uses a Longhorns logo. Luckily, the Aggies and Longhorns are no longer rivals who think about each other day and night, so this isn't a problem. ;-)

Hey, you can now bet on how many games a bunch of teams will win, so Bud and I made some picks.

And Bud's podcasting on teams with hot recruiting starts and so forth.

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