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UCLA's QB points out 1 thing about the Bruins' record-breaking $280M apparel deal

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Josh Rosen isn't exactly wrong, either.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

UCLA has just signed a massive new apparel deal with Under Armour. It's reportedly going to net the Bruins $280 million over 15 years, making it the apparent most lucrative equipment and sponsorship deal in NCAA history.

The Bruins' star quarterback, Josh Rosen, is going to earn exactly zero dollars from the agreement itself. So will all of his teammates and every other student-athlete at the Los Angeles school, which boasts one of the world's most popular collegiate athletic brands. Rosen, apparently, is aware of how odd that sounds:

josh rosen
That's a chart from The Los Angeles Times, showing how UCLA will dwarf most of the rest of the country with its new partnership.

Rosen's response: "We're still amateurs though ... Gotta love non-profits #NCAA."

This isn't the first time Rosen's made waves on social media. The former five-star prospect and current Bruins signal-caller recently played golf at one of Donald Trump's courses while donning a "F*ck Trump" hat and Instagrammed it. He once put a hot tub in his dorm room and sent that out, too.

He's also quite the QB prospect. Had Rosen been eligible for this year's NFL Draft, there's a reasonable chance he'd have been the first overall pick.

This probably won't go down easily for Rosen's head coach, Jim Mora, who recently said Rosen's Trump hat was a sign he was "heading toward Johnny Manziel" instead of toward a successful football career.