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'Rival mascots' are supporting LSU's Mike the Tiger in his battle against cancer

Or their handlers are. Close enough!

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College football's best animals gotta stick together, no matter their affiliation.

LSU's Mike VI, a Bengal tiger who lives in a 15,000-square-foot habitat near Death Valley, was diagnosed with a rare and serious form of cancer after an LSU veterinary student noticed a tumor on the right side of his face. He'll undergo radiotherapy treatment at the Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center -- a center typically reserved for humans -- in hopes of extending his life. Doctors say that he is not in pain, but would be expected to die within a few months without the therapy.

Tusk IV, Arkansas' Russian boar Razorback, sent his well wishes to a division opponent.

Thanks, Tusk! Arkansas' Razorback sent me flowers. #MascotsStickTogether

A photo posted by Mike VI, LSU's Live Mascot (@miketigervi) on

Bevo XV, the Texas Longhorns' new Texas Longhorn steer, stepped across conference lines to send a get-well bouquet to the mascot of a frequent recruiting foe.

Thanks for the get well wishes from BEVO XV. Feeling the love. #MascotsStickTogether #mikevi

A photo posted by Mike VI, LSU's Live Mascot (@miketigervi) on

Texas A&M has yet to beat LSU as a member of the SEC, but its Reveille XI wished Mike well on Friday.

And flowers and good thoughts from Reveille! Thanks, @reveille_tamu and @tamu ! #mikevi #MascotsStickTogether

A photo posted by Mike VI, LSU's Live Mascot (@miketigervi) on

The LSU mascot is only two months away from his 11th birthday and delicious meat cake that comes with it.

He's also met with his school's head coach: