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3 different maps that show the most popular college football teams across America

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Hi, you like maps. Everybody likes maps. College football fans especially like maps, because this sport is big and complicated. And also because we like searching for every last possible shred of bragging rights.

You might've seen the New York Times' 2014 map, based on Facebook data (Clemson fans only on Google Plus or something?):

Or this 2010 map by Common Census, which used 28,419 survey responses (this one isn't easy to inspect without zooming in):

They're joined by this new Reddit map, which combined 3,462 votes with snappy map design:

They're all good in their own ways, with their own quirks.

The NYT map (which you can also zoom way into and explore in detail) is surely the most accurate, but it doesn't make it very easy to discover pockets of weirdness from afar. While there's no way the state of Maine is actually torn between the meager UMass and the otherworldly UCLA (as on the Reddit map) when it's got a perfectly good FCS program, it's still cool to be able to wonder about the oddball bursts of fandom far away from a particular school's campus.

Maps are fun. Here are 25 maps that explain college football.

RIP to Greg Bryant Jr., the Notre Dame running back who wound up at UAB. He died this weekend from gunshot wounds.

Here's a chart that shows which college football teams have the most success compared to their revenue. The big thing jumping out to me is that three Big 12 expansion candidates happen to be the three most impressive on here.

Yeah, there are new allegations against Joe Paterno's Penn State. Here's why, and why more could come.

The Solid Verbal's Verbies awards are here, honoring such categories as Not Coach of the Year, Tire Fire of the Year and more.

Bill C team of the day: Navy, which lost a ton from its best team in decades but is still in the process of making people stop saying two dumb things about the newly non-independent midshipmen. (Somehow, this glowing preview upset several Navy athletics officials, based on Twitter responses. None of us has any clue why.)


That NCAA thing resulted from a hack of Laremy Tunsil's communications, which appears to have cost him less NFL Draft money than you'd think, and that's before any potential lawsuit winnings.


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One wonderful thing to be right now: a former Big 12 team, as in one that doesn't have to worry about expansion.

Miami QB Brad Kaaya is getting major NFL hype. This isn't really all that surprising.

Florida State dismissed a running back who was charged with, not convicted of, domestic battery.

Maryland seems downright likely to have its best recruiting class ever. That still likely means only the third- or fourth-best class in the division, but impressive progress regardless.

Burnt Orange Nation declares the recruiting war between Charlie Strong and Kevin Sumlin to be over. Already?

Mike Leach endorses Donald Trump at a rally. Seems unlikely either will rack up many wins in November, but to each his own.

Arkansas State's only real worry was at quarterback ... and now it has two former Power 5 blue-chips at the spot.

Aaron Rodgers and Olivia Munn stuck around after the Kentucky Derby to celebrate Randall Cobb graduating from UK.

UAB football took a couple years off, but still just sent four more players to the NFL, in a roundabout way. Just try that, Tennessee!

Here's the video you requested of San Jose State's QB banging a football into a trash can from the top of the stadium.