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Ohio State's Tim Tebow tweet is the funniest example yet of this recruiting maneuver

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You know how star players get claimed by conferences they never even played in, thanks to realignment? How that's funny, no matter how harmless and somewhat reasonable it is? That happens with recruiting, too, most prominently on social media.

Coach social media accounts bring up former players all the time, even those from previous schools. There’s very good reason to. Recruits care about a coach's NFL track record. If some of it happened at another school, so?

But! It’s undeniably strange when official school accounts, rather than coach accounts, brag about players from elsewhere.

Remember that time Tim Tebow’s Florida beat Ohio State in a BCS Championship? Ohio State would like to remind you, ICYMI.

The reaction to this one appeared to be mild confusion by OSU fans and mockery from throughout the Southeast. The only way to bounce back is to tweet a GIF of that one Ezekiel Elliott run against Alabama.

Or the thing to do would’ve been to tweet this from Urban Meyer's account instead. Then it would undoubtedly be a reference by a former Meyer player to Meyer in general and probably remind fewer people of that time Tebow's team beat Ohio State, as noted.

It’s even weirder when a coach is new, meaning the school is claiming nothing but products of other schools.

Here’s South Carolina claiming first-year coach Will Muschamp’s players from all over, with the three most prominent coming from a division rival. The very good part here is the "#NFLGamecocks," as these are #NFLGators, #NFLLonghorns and such.

South Carolina legend Earl Thomas!

Here’s another example, including one Kentucky player and a bunch of Mark Stoops’ players from Arizona, Miami, and Florida State. This makes a little more sense, since it comes from a recruiting-specific account that currently has "Stoops" in its name.

Do you want to be selected in the First Round of the NFL Draft? Come play for Coach Stoops.

A photo posted by UK Stoops Troops (@ukstoopstroops) on

UK legend Ed Reed!

Anyway, it’s just gonna be funny, no matter how legit these claims can be.

If your team does this, I’m saying it’s fine and not dishonest or any other bad thing. If your rival does this, I’m saying it’s sad, but harmless. Whatever combination of words I could type here that would make it clear I think these are just weird tweets to giggle at and not serious problems, pretend I’ve typed them. Thanks for listening!


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Bill C team of the day: Pitt, where "the demons are on the ropes." BAH GAWD that’s Kane’s music.

UCLA’s doing something rare: piling more responsibility on its star underclassman QB, and it could work.

The long-term payoff of hiring Mark Richt is clear for Miami. This year, though?


Art Briles drama: ongoing.

Tennessee cost itself multiple wins last year by turtling up on offense. Could that actually be the successful move this year?

Utah beat BYU again, this time at a round of golf between the two football staffs.

"Brady White is the best QB recruit the Sun Devils have ever landed, and that leaves quite the dilemma."

Two things that make sense:

  1. There is now a Jim Harbaugh Topps baseball card.
  2. There is now a Cam Newton Nickelodeon show you should watch.

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