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Auburn's AD keeps using the same words to say his coaches won't be fired

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You've heard of The Dreaded Vote of Confidence? That's when an administrator says a coach is doing great, and we love this person, who'll be our coach indefinitely and win many championships here forever.

The thing is, when an admin is being asked about a coach's future, that often means the coach's job status is already iffy. So whenever we hear an official say a coach will be back, and then that coach gets fired, that tends to stick in the mind as a trend.

Anyway, Auburn athletics director Jay Jacobs has a particular term he's used in several votes of confidence at this point, two of which would arguably qualify as DVOCs. The current coach, Gus Malzahn, just caught the latest usage. (Fist bump to @TheAuburner.)

November 2007

"I don't see anything changing," Jacobs told the Opelika-Auburn News Thursday night. "I'm looking forward to Tommy being the coach at Auburn for a long, long time."

Head coach Tommy Tuberville resigned a week year later.

June 2011

"We will continue to provide Coach Chizik and our football program the resources needed to build a strong foundation so that we can consistently compete for championships in the future," Jacobs said. "We look forward to Coach Chizik being our coach at Auburn for a long, long time."

Auburn fired head coach Gene Chizik after a 3-9 2012 season that would coincide with an Alabama national title repeat.

June 2016

"He's our coach and he'll be our coach for a long, long time," Jacobs said during SEC Spring Meetings in Destin, Florida. "He's a brilliant offensive mind. Took us to two national championships; once as a coordinator, once as a head coach. There's a bunch of schools in this league that would love to be in our position with a guy like him."

Malzahn is considered by some to be on or nearing the hot seat after 8-5 and 7-6 seasons amid another Alabama national title.

Auburn people I talk to say they feel good about Malzahn's status, so this could end up being mere coincidence. Becoming the coach to break The Dreaded Long, Long Time Curse would be really something.


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