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The Solid Verbal: Baylor's Art Briles and the big college football myth

Yahoo Sports's Dan Wetzel stops by to address the situation at Baylor and the broader issues of college football.

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The always insightful (and blunt) Dan Wetzel is on to talk about the following issues surrounding the fallout at Baylor following the initial finding of facts from Pepper Hamilton, the law firm the university hired to investigate the school's handling of sexual assault claims:

• How much more fallout should we expect in the coming months, especially once the full report is released in the fall?

• Should Baylor basically shut down as a football program for a time in order to restructure and rebuild?

• Is it at all strange to agree that the idea of winning at all costs in some part led to Baylor's failures, but at the same time see the Big 12, via expansion exploration, TV deals, and general panic over the future of college football, try to... win at all costs?

• What, if anything, was learned by schools following the horrors of Penn State?

• More broadly speaking, what are college football's underlying issues with how we view and create a mythology around successful coaches?