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PODCAST AIN'T PLAYED NOBODY: What happens if Texas goes 6-6 (or 9-4) this year?

And why is everyone so damn high on Washington?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Vacation is over! PAPN is back! You think there's nothing to talk about in college football right now? YOU'RE WRONG! Bill and Godfrey discuss...

  • Everybody in the Pac-12 might stink
  • Mike Leach's undying loyalty to the pass
  • The Washington virus (or, why is everybody so damn high on the Huskies?) (~26:00)
  • What happens if Charlie Strong and Texas go 6-6 this year (real life edition and Mercenary Risk Management edition)? (~34:30)
  • And what if the 'Horns go 9-4? (Spoiler: Preseason top two next year.)
  • Further proof that USC is the weirdest job in the country (~47:30)
  • Listen to Bill babble and try to say nice things about the Will Muschamp hire (~50:30)
  • Listen to Bill gush about Drew Lock's arm (~55:30)
  • Dumbest Heisman snubs (a.k.a. the Suh Award)
  • Your first time (that an offensive line blew you away)

We're here to get you through the offseason. We can talk for 85 minutes about anything.

And here's this week's Blind Box Score Bingo entry. Bill crushed it.