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Jim Harbaugh's new thing: Wearing jerseys of local legends around recruits

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Jim Harbaugh will do anything to get the attention of recruits. This was very well established by the time of his first full Signing Day at Michigan, and the evidence pile has since gained a traveling Florida road showa commencement speech at a talent factory, and that time he maybe joined rap group Migos.

The newest trick is an addition to the Wolverines' satellite camps venture, starting with a joint camp in Atlanta alongside Georgia head coach Kirby Smart.

Smart and Harbaugh had a beef over the satellite camps controversy months prior, just as Smart's former boss and Harbaugh do now, but the story here is Harbaugh showing up in Georgia in a Hank Aaron Braves jersey. Aaron attended the Georgia-Michigan camp (and was photographed in Michigan gear), as did former WCW champion Scott Steiner (quite a bit less of an area legend, but a Michigan alum) and others.

I'm sure UGA got some good work done, but Harbaugh managed to hoard all attention for himself, as always.

Stealing the show at an Old Dominion camp that also included Wake Forest and other schools wouldn't be as big a challenge, but Harbaugh took no chances.

Allen Iverson is a Virginia god -- here's star Commonwealth rapper Pusha T completely stanning out while meeting with AI -- who was born 30 minutes from ODU's campus. This choice was even easier than the Braves one, though Harbaugh said Bruce Smith and Michael Vick were also options.

(In an alternate universe, he would've just wore a Vick jersey for both stops, but I'm not ready to talk about that universe yet.)

Monday morning update: Maryland!

So what's next here? The best could be this week, as Michigan's got camps soon in Alabama, home of Harbaugh's top public debate rival, and Ohio, home of his top actual rival. Maybe he dresses as "Saban Losing To Ohio State" in Alabama and "Urban Meyer Losing To Alabama" in Ohio. (Yes, Meyer's lost to Alabama before, young folks.)

Anyway, that's enough about which shirt a 52-year-old man will wear to work next.


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Big Ten-SEC Football Challenge? There is nothing I ask of the scheduling machines more than this.

A top linebacker is visiting Texas and Texas A&M on the same day. Pray for his mentions as he vacillates between these non-rivals whose fans don't dwell on each other every minute of the day.

College GameDay is opening at Lambeau Field for LSU-Wisconsin. That's fine.

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