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PODCAST AIN'T PLAYED NOBODY: Let's ditch all college football divisions

And cut cords while we're at it! And bust brackets!

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

In the latest PAPN, Bill and Godfrey wax poetic about...

  • Conference USA's cruddy new TV deal (and the cruddy decisions it has made of late)
  • Cable cord-cutting options
  • BracketBuster Saturday, and why in the world wouldn't Group-of-Five teams do this? (~13:00)
  • Duke in five years (~21:00)
  • Georgia Tech in 2016 (~30:00)
  • Bronco Mendenhall, strange jobs, and the strangest jobs (~35:00)
  • Making hard jobs less hard
  • Are college football divisions obsolete? Should we ditch them? Is there a better way? (~50:00)
  • Fixing the Big Ten East and West (basically by giving Nebraska Mark Dantonio)
  • Alabama and Georgia never playing, ever
  • BLIND! BOX SCORE! BINGO! (~1:10:00)

This week's Blind Box Score entry was fantastic (and so was this game):