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Steve Spurrier wrote a book. How many chapters will just be vicious Tennessee jokes?

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Steve Spurrier has a book coming out on Aug. 30. That’s pretty good news.

The modern-era record holder for most college football quippity quips, who just up and left South Carolina last season, will surely rain down hatin’ on his many enemies throughout the pages of the book. He'll more likely spin some pleasant tales about his time in and out of the sport, but let a person dream.

(Also, as Clemson fans have joked, the last chapter will probably be cut off a few pages early.)

Here’s the preorder, for those into such tactics.

His timing was also perfect here, as the first truly post-Spurrier SEC Media Days is currently upon us. I believe he knows how much this event desperately needs him.

I’m gonna swing through his Arby’s on the way out to pay tribute to the god of this Hoover, Ala. mall.


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I only have two SEC Media Days links for you:

  1. That time Steven Godfrey disguised himself among the Bama fan horde remains the definitive piece on this event.
  2. Here’s a roundup of the most important things that happened yesterday. Jim McElwain not wearing socks makes the cut.

The kids are way into Pokemon again, as are the grownups. So here are all 129 FBS teams as Pokemon.

Bill C teams of the day: We decided to rip the Band-Aid off the Big Ten series by putting up Purdue and Rutgers on the same day.

Pac-12 PPPPPPPPPOWER RANKINGS, with a five-way logjam around first place.

Commit of the day: Iowa added a four-star Texan, giving the Hawkeyes two of those ... and they have a five-star! Wonders never cease, IMO.

A Miami RB was reinstated after police dropped DUI charges, and his attorney has some strong claims of bizarre behavior by the law enforcement involved.

It’s time once again for The Solid Verbal’s Weird College Football Things Fantasy Draft.

Notre Dame has the country’s best offensive line, per Pro Football Focus.

An Oregon receiver qualified for the Rio Olympics in the hurdles. (A few days prior, he was called the fastest player in the country by I saw a fan of an SEC team respond to that with, "No, we have a guy who runs track." Sometimes it’s OK to just listen instead of speaking.)

Did you miss the 4-star RB who committed to FSU by way of Lamborghini? Do not miss such a thing.

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