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They're playing Pokemon Go in college football stadiums all over the country

Everybody seems to like catching these lil fellas in stadiums.

Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Pokemon Go is consuming the nation like wildfire, and its tentacools (get it) have reached all the way into the college football world. Since college football is a place where adults try to look cool for high school kids, this is not particularly surprising. Here are the places that have joined the wave thus far.

(Also, here's our list of Pokemon comparisons for all 129 FBS programs.)

Alabama: Mark Ingram's Heisman is a pokestop.

Arizona: The entire dang football team is catching Pokemon like hotcakes.


Nebraska: The Huskers let folks into Memorial Stadium to hunt for critters.

Notre Dame: Pitched a stadium tour with a Tentacool.

Ohio State: Brutus Buckeye briefly teased catching an adorable lil Eevee in the Horseshoe, before quickly deleting the tweet and then repeatedly warning the public not to try to break into Ohio State facilities to catch Pokemon.

Oklahoma State: Mike Gundy tweeted out a POKE pun accompanied by a picture I am almost certain he did not take himself.

Texas: Former running back Fozzy Whittaker had Meowth in his sights at DKR.

Caught this guy at DKR today! How about that for landmark catches

A photo posted by Fozzy Whittaker (@fozzywhitt) on

Texas A&M: The school invited people into Kyle Field to try to catch Pokemon. There was some demand.

Texas State:

USC: Used a Pokemon to sort of ask people to buy tickets.

Washington State is a holdout, though, at least at the coaching level. In response to a question by SB Nation's Steven Godfrey, Mike Leach came out in favor of "throwing dirt clods at construction sites" over the video game: