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Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy has a mullet. You must know these 7 things about it

Look at that rascal perched atop his head, just raring to party.

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy has long had very tall hair. But now it is tall hair, short hair, long hair, and all other kinds of hair. He's spent much of 2016 building the greatest mullet in all of non-hockey coaching, and now he's stashing the prestige that comes with it, laying up swag in heaven, and intimidating all who oppose him.

1. It currently looks like this in full plumage, from Oklahoma State's 2017 opener.

2. He's been working on this dandy for a long time, since the 2016 summer ...

This will be debated intensely but that's a mullet on Mike Gundy.

A photo posted by Steven Godfrey (@38godfrey) on

3. ... a really long time, since that spring ...

4. ... a really, really long time, for his entire life.

5. It's partly a family thing.

He started it to teach one of his sons a lesson:

And then kept it going.

Though another of his sons sees through this scheme:

6. It's also partly a badass thing. Partly? I'm sorry. Completely.

Billy Ray Cyrus, father of Miley and owner of the most famous mullet in American history, to ESPN:

"Coach Gundy rockin' the mullet? Yeah, shows class -- and brass!" said Cyrus, who once wrote homage to mullets. "More importantly, he's a great coach. He has inspired me. The team inspires me. I hope they run the table."

Also in that story, the finest piece of journalism produced this season, is Oklahoma State archrival QB Baker Mayfield:

"It's ferocious," Mayfield said. "It's very dirty. You've got to respect that he's rocking it."

"I heard from our Coach Gundy [Oklahoma offensive assistant, Mike's brother Cale] that he stuck with it because one of his kids said it was awful," Mayfield said. "You've got to respect that he's just doing it out of spite."

Everyone else likes it, too.

7. Have people had fun online and elsewhere with the mullet? Oh, absolutely.

We will update as more details are available.