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This is how a Texas Tech lineman destroys 5,000 calories a day

Red Raiders offensive lineman Baylen Brown runs you through his daily diet.

It’s not breaking news that college football players are voracious eaters, but Texas Tech offensive tackle Baylen Brown has a diet of which you can probably barely conceive.

Brown is a solid player, and he’s gotten a bunch of snaps in each of the last three years on a sometimes very prolific Red Raiders offense. He’s listed at 6’5 and 309 pounds, and size like that doesn’t come easily. So at the Big 12’s media days in Dallas this week, SB Nation’s Steven Godfrey had Brown run him through his daily nutritional routine.

For those keeping score at home, Brown reaches his 5,000 daily calories through a combination of the following (not all of them at once, to be clear):


Brown likes to eat Whataburger. A nice chicken biscuit – or just some kind of meat on a bun, really – will do, and he also likes taquitos as part of the morning routine. Does Whataburger have taquitos? Haven't looked.


This is either gonna be steak, chicken or fish at Texas Tech’s football headquarters. There will be potatoes, whether they’re fried or mashed. There will be a nutritious cereal bar (or is it a bar full of cereal options, like with a bartender?), and there will also be an array of high-quality vegetables.


This is pizza, or perhaps an entire Chipotle burrito.


This is whatever Brown’s fiancée makes for him. She is a good cook. Sounds delicious!