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PODCAST AIN'T PLAYED NOBODY: Houston doesn't make sense for Big 12 expansion

Because it doesn't really "expand" the Big 12.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Go figure -- this week's PAPN is pretty realignment-heavy. AGAIN. The topics:

  • Big 12 Media Days and the taste of blood in your mouth
  • Colorado vs. Colorado State: Who would you choose?
  • Why Cincinnati is the expansion favorite
  • Why the Big 12 adding Houston just doesn't make a lot of sense (~13:45)
  • The benefits of quantity over quality
  • The benefits of football-only membership
  • Can the Pac-12 expand into Texas without UT? (~19:00)
  • ESPN as a Hulu for live sports
  • Rick Neuheisel is the kind of crazy we need in this world of analysis
  • The mid-major Champions League (~30:00)
  • The role of Boise State in future alignment
  • We like Matt Campbell
  • Chris Petersen is great at talking
  • Jim Grobe's media day performance
  • Hey, uh, Baylor's still going to have a good football team (this year)

Gotta say, Expansionapalooza just can't match the creative peaks it hit in Seasons 1-2. Season 6 is kind of derivative.

Enjoy. (No Box Score Bingo this week. Blame Godfrey.)