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Why does Texas support Houston in the Big 12? Ranking 4 conspiracy theories

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Thursday, Texas leadership did a grandiose gesture that left everyone confused.

I realize that sounds like a normal Thursday, but stick with me here.

The conventional wisdom has long been that Texas schools would not want to add Houston to the Big 12, as that would give yet another in-state recruiting rival Power 5 status. Also, the actual wisdom has long been that the Longhorns in particular were against expansion to begin with.

And then:

That's the state governor, state lieutenant governor, university system chancellor, and -- most important -- UT president, all in some sort of coordinated social campaign. They joined previous UH support by a billionaire Longhorns booster and the conference's football coaches, the least important people listed so far in this particular equation.

Soooooooo what's happening here? Let's get really Texas.

Totally plausible conspiracy theory No. 4

This is the least exciting major theory offered, which means we're off to a roaring start. As crazy as it is to think the leadership of a state and university system would publicly support something just to squash it, this is the wild-ass Big 12, baby. All money is legal, and all drama is public.

Note the key word "considering" in Fenves' tweet. The only person here with an actual Big 12 vote didn't technically say he's supporting Houston's bid, just Houston's bid entry.

The reason non-Lone Star State members might be opposed to UH is simple. Think how much harder it'll be for, say, Oklahoma State or West Virginia to land Texas recruits if those recruits now have 25 more scholarship spots at a Power 5 school in Texas. So UT could maintain its anti-expansion stance even after the conference has publicly called for it by offering up an unpopular candidate, but doing so under the reasonable banner of Texas Forever.

Totally plausible conspiracy theory No. 3

Texas doing this to put pressure on Oklahoma would not be that hard to believe.

OU president David Boren, long infamous for unleashing a public comment on anything, no-commented UT's support of Houston. So even if this wasn't the goal, it still got Oklahoma off its game, and that's the first key to winning the Red River Shootout.

Totally plausible conspiracy theory No. 2

The university system chancellor's support is especially interesting. UH is not part of the UT system. So why does he care?

Because he's trying to get the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley (established 2015) into the Big 12, of course! This is a very good theory. (Yes, George is totally joking. I'm not. Let's do this.)

And now, the greatest UT-UH conspiracy theory of them all, and the one that is probably the truest, because Texas is always as Texas as possible

Lol, yeah, seems that really might be what's happening. So not only do some Texas people want to take UH's football coach, they appear willing to consider trading a conference membership vote for a chance to smoothly continue what UH has previously referred to as an "invasion" of the city. WEEEEEHOO!

This is all so Texas that the only thing reverberating in my mind is Beyonce saying, "Texas," during the intro to "Daddy Lessons." Also, the Horns should take the field to part of that song this year, but that's another topic.


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