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PODCAST AIN'T PLAYED NOBODY: Haves, have nots, and brilliant, weird coaches

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Bill and Godfrey are both recording from hotels in this week's PAPN ... and the sound isn't any worse than normal! This week's topics:

  • Sun Belt and AAC bracing for Big 12-related hits.
  • Haves vs. have notes (and why the battle is bad for business).
  • The vagaries of long-term scheduling.
  • South Carolina vs. Kentucky for 14th in the SEC. Yeah, we said it.
  • The Big Ten's middle class.
  • Transition lenses and defensive coaches.
  • Jim Harbaugh is an incredible, football manager-style coach.
  • Nick Saban to West Virginia! Bill Snyder to Bama!
  • Coaches complaining about what they don't have.
  • Why is Bill in Chicago? (It's not for Big Ten media days.)
  • 1999 Virginia Tech, everybody's favorite team.
  • Dr. Bo's master class.


And here's this week's Blind Box Score Bingo entry.