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This is a picture of Les Miles dressed as a police officer

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And it is good.

For a decade, Les Miles has been one of the more colorful figures in the college football world. Yes, he ate grass and periodically speaks in tongues, but he also stuffed his daughter on the basketball court while wearing Converse Weapons, and now he's also done this:

The picture itself is unremarkable. Miles is just kind of standing there. However, its existence provides a great amount of pleasure to me, and I would imagine to a large number of fans across the country as well. It's very funny, but in a more deeply satisfying way than the typical joke. Les Miles appearing in a barely speaking role as a police officer in an independent film just feels right.

Also, in the course of writing this post, I have discovered that Miles has an IMDb page, which is a ridiculous sequence of words that makes me very happy. This is all so very good.