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PODCAST AIN'T PLAYED NOBODY: A user guide to conference media days

Step 1: Skip the SEC.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It's a special Thursday edition of Podcast Ain't Played Nobody! And as normal, Bill and Godfrey covered a lot of ground:

  • The long offseason and the benefits of variety.

  • Your guide to conference media days (~7:00):

    1. SEC -- You, too, can attend! But you probably shouldn't!
    2. Pac-12 -- Lots of availability! And it's in Los Angeles!
    3. Big 12 -- Lots of availability! In a nice hotel! With a miserable Dana Holgorsen!
    4. Big Ten -- Eh, nothing to see here.

  • The black-box Urban Meyer-Jim Harbaugh conspiracy theory.
  • Don't forget about Oregon in the Pac-12 race. Seriously, let's not do that. (~20:00)
  • Texas fans as a "borg-like collective." (~34:00)
  • PLAYOFF HYPOTHETICAL: If the last spot is between 11-1 OU and a 13-0 Houston team that beat the Sooners, who gets it? (~44:00)
  • Reminiscing about the 1999 Independence Bowl (as one does).
  • The insanity of being unhappy with Bob Stoops (and the difficulty of making two good hires in a row). (~53:00)
  • Blind! Box score! Bingo! (~60:00)
  • Bill talking trash to David Gibbs: a tradition like no other.


And here's this week's Box Score Bingo entry.