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A former Mississippi State player claims Dan Mullen called the cops on him. Here’s what MSU says

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Well, this is unusual.

Vanderbilt v Mississippi State Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

A pretty weird story broke overnight Tuesday and Wednesday in Starkville, Miss.

Josh Robinson is a former running back for the Mississippi State football team. On Tuesday night, he took a run on the track at MSU’s football facility.

The police came, and they cited Robinson for trespassing.

Robinson posted on Snapchat what appears to be a picture of his citation, in which he calls out someone named Dan.

Given further context, it seems that Robinson quickly put the blame on Bulldogs head coach Dan Mullen. The running back said the coach called the police on him and had him cited.

Mississippi State disputes Robinson’s version of events.

In a statement released Monday morning, a Bulldogs spokesman said a track team staff member saw a car parked on the track and made the call to police.

Robinson said he’s been training with the MSU football team, and the school’s statement notes that such arrangements are common practice. But there was, according to the school, a lack of coordination on the point that Robinson would actually be using the track.

Robinson played 38 games for Mississippi State between 2012 and 2014. He was a featured part of MSU’s offense in 2014, when the Bulldogs reached the No. 1 spot in national polls before finishing 10-3. He ran for 1,203 yards and scored 12 total touchdowns that year. He’s currently a free agent in the NFL.

Robinson declared for the NFL Draft with one year of eligibility remaining, and he did it on the morning of Mississippi State's appearance in the in the Orange Bowl on New Year's Eve 2014. The Clarion Ledger's Michael Bonner writes that the timing "didn't sit well with the program."

Now, it’s Robinson’s view against his alma mater’s. It’s not clear just what happened here, but it’s clear that this is odd.