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Here are all 17 expansion candidates the Big 12 is meeting with

There might only be a few actual favorites, but the conference is listening to a whole lot of pitches.

Otto Kitsinger III/Getty Images

The Big 12 is deep in deliberations over whether to expand beyond its current 10 members, and it appears the conference is casting a remarkably wide net.

ESPN’s Brett McMurphy reported Friday that the league will discuss expansion with 17 (seventeen!) prospective new members who have signaled their interest in joining. McMurphy’s got sources saying it’s "becoming less and less likely" that the Big 12 expands by four, leaving two-team expansion as the likeliest addition size. That could mean, uh, 15 disappointed universities.

The list of interested schools, obviously, is long. McMurphy ticks off a few:

This saga could come down to how well Texas, Oklahoma and the league’s TV partners can work together, and horse trading between those parties would likely only involve a few schools. But the conference, clearly, wants to keep a bunch of balls in the air.

At the end of the day, the Big 12 should add 14 of these teams and simply be done with this. It has been long enough.