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Air Force, Army and Navy have taken amazing football helmets to a new level

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College football teams have lots of alternate uniforms. That’s fine and good. Kids like it, and innovation restores vigor for all.

It’s also cool that three of the country’s oldest-fashioned programs are among the best at this stuff. Here’s an example from the last year for each of the three FBS military service academies.

First, Navy put ships on its helmets, associating each class of vessel with a football position group:

Then Army announced the same thing with division insignia:

Even better: these were for their game against each other.

Elsa, Getty Images

And now Air Force has gone and gotten Flying Tiger-style A-10 Warthog shark teeth for its upcoming game against Georgia State*:

While many teams have spent a decade racing to copy whatever Oregon was doing two years prior, the service academies come up with badass uniforms that immediately convey what make their institutions unique. They had some pretty big advantages there, though.

* Only complaint: how is this not for a big TV game? Gotta wear these on Friday night against Boise State, too.


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