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So Cincinnati's in pretty good Big 12 shape, right?

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The Big 12 is going to add zero, two, or four teams pretty soon. It has a list of at least 17 schools to meet with in the process, but one highly respected reporter is saying the same thing lots of people were already assuming anyway:

And how are those three doing lately? Let’s just check each school’s latest headline, as far as Big 12 expansion goes.



Aaand Cincinnati:

Quite obviously, UC alum Meyer doesn’t have a vote here. But if even he — arguably the person who has the most to lose if another Ohio team joins the Power 5, even if it’s still not much — can say the Bearcats have a worthy case, they probably have a worthy case.

And they do. Add together numbers that represent what the conference says it’s looking for, and Cincy stands alone among the top four choices as the candidate without a weird geography issue, whether it’s too close (Houston) or too far (BYU, UConn). Its geography would solve one problem anyway, since it’s near the lonely West Virginia and would add one of the country’s best recruiting grounds to the Big 12. UC’s been very high on Oklahoma’s list for a long time, too.

Nothing is guaranteed here, but for reasons that go well beyond just the recent headlines, it’s been feeling for a while like UC might be comfortably in the top two.


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