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LSU helped South Carolina flood relief efforts, and now the Gamecocks are returning the favor

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Flooding in Louisiana has become the worst natural disaster on American soil since Hurricane Sandy, the Red Cross says. It's damaged thousands of homes and killed at least 13 people.

College sports teams often take up too much of our lives, but in times of crisis, we’re able to see the other side of that. Something so many people have invested in can combine forces across towns, states, and regions.

LSU head coach Les Miles talked for five minutes about the Tigers’ campus again being a staging area for relief efforts (he says, "This so reminds me of Katrina," which struck during his first LSU season), worrying about players and family, and the members of his athletic department who’ve gone out in boats to rescue people.

Star running back Leonard Fournette declared after a game against South Carolina last year that he’d donate his jersey for flood relief in the Gamecocks’ state. It raised $101,000. The Tigers also collected donations for South Carolina at the two teams' relocated game in Death Valley.

This time around, Carolina is returning the favor – trucks full of it.

Georgia’s helping out, too, flying a former Southern University player’s family to lodging in the Peach State after his home was flooded.

Former Tigers are helping ...

... and it’s not just football ...

... and it’s not just LSU, either.

The Saints and Pelicans are assisting, as well, with the Saints also lending use of their indoor practice facility to Tulane. The Green Wave have an offensive lineman whose family lost its home.

If you want to pitch in, here are ways to donate.


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