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Whoa, a Vanderbilt football player won something

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With Jordan Rodgers at quarterback, Vanderbilt had one of its best seasons in program history in 2012.

That meant winning the lower-middle-tier Music City Bowl and finishing with only a No. 23 ranking in the AP Poll, but that ranking stands to this day as Vandy's best since 1948. Vanderbilt has been terrible for many decades, you see. His decent passer rating, which ranked No. 8 in the SEC, contributed well.

Monday night, Rodgers did something even more unthinkable for a Commodore: he won a national championship, defeating a former Florida State swimmer and various other tall-haired, tan men whom I could not distinguish during my brief viewings to win The Bachelorette. My colleague Rodger Sherman has all the details and ramifications for you.

College football fans always knew Rodgers, the brother of Aaron, was destined for even more than just a surprising 8-4 regular season record. As evidence, I give you his widely celebrated Twitter profile pic as a student-athlete. NSFW, I think. No really, I believe it actually is not safe for many lines of work.

The SEC also clearly prepared him for the big moment. Look at this form:

Congrats to JoJo, Rodgers, and Vanderbilt, and congrats to ESPN for eventually hiring another newly recognizable former college QB from its parent network's biggest reality show, probably. Jesse Palmer went from The Bachelor to a role as the SEC Network's top game analyst in just a decade, and that was with a couple more years of pro football mixed in.


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The Every Team That's Ever Wanted In The Big 12 tracker has been updated, with Temple.

Folks, there is a big election going on, and Ohio governor John Kasich has made his endorsement. Lol, no, the Republican still hasn't endorsed Trump. He wants Cincinnati in the Big 12.

Many coaches used the NCAA's new social media rule to recruit. Lane Kiffin used it to make Tennessee fans mad online. Both are viable uses of work hours.

Betting against a popular team has always seemed like a good gambling theory, since that likely means going against plenty of uninformed money. But would it actually work?

FOOD QUIZAre these 21 diabolical fried creations real or fake State Fair of Texas offerings?

Bill C team of the dayKentucky, where the rebuild hit a large pothole. Those are mixed metaphors.

How much Texas and Oklahoma can work together could determine the final result of Big 12 expansion.

Despite the evidence offered by Texas A&M recently, it's still possible to do a women's clinic in a respectful way that enlightens and empowers the participants. Rival Texas demonstrated.

There is now video of the BB gun battle that led to the arrest of two Gators.

Commits of the day: two 2017 four-stars. Marco Wilson, a cornerback, is set to join his brother at Florida, and Charlotte OT T.J. Moore to South Carolina, becoming the Gamecocks' second-highest-rated recruit.

ESPN and FOX are reportedly asking the same question as you: Why should they give the Big 12 a lot more money in return for the conference adding UConn or Memphis or whoever?

HATIN'-ASS SPURRIER back at Florida.

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