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7 reasons Cal-Hawaii in Australia is the perfect kickoff for 2016 college football

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California Golden Bears

The college football season starts Friday night in Australia when Cal plays Hawaii at 10 p.m. ET. That is:

  1. Bizarre. Well, this whole sport is bizarre, so great!
  2. A West Coast team and an extremely West Coast team playing late-night football, and we know how wild that particular arrangement tends to get.
  3. A highly unusual location where nobody really cares about college football (a native Australian explains what we’re getting into), which worked out fine for Rutgers.
  4. A matchup of two teams that will likely be pretty bad (combined total win projection, per Bill Connelly’s S&P+: 9.1), ensuring low-stakes entry into a sport in which only like 10 of 128 teams have actual championship shots.
  5. A whole lot of expenses dumped into a game few people other than you, me and ESPN will care about, in a sport with player compensation that was hard-capped decades ago.
  6. Probably a lot of points! Hawaii’s offense might not be great, but that’s what Cal’s defense is for! You like points!
  7. A better bowl trip than will be enjoyed by all but two actual good teams this year (exception: someone gets to eat Popeyes in the Bahamas; there does not appear to be a Popeyes in Sydney), because nothing in this sport is meant to be fair.

Also, Marshawn Lynch showed up to take scout team reps at halfback and play rugby, so that's eight.

Some sports kick off their seasons with elite showcases at historic venues or championship rematches. Ours starts with a carnival between 6-6 hopefuls on the other side of the planet. That is a satisfactory representation of the next five months we’re willingly entering and a fair warning to those who do not have the fortitude to proceed.


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Some emails that represent what Big 12 fans are writing to their decision makers about BYU.

Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody celebrates the end of the offseason.

Shutdown Fullcast welcomes former SEC linemen Andy Staples and Stephen White to talk big things and large matters of weighty importance.

Here’s someone who makes stop-motion Lego reenactments of famous sporting events, such as the Michigan State-Michigan ending and Boise State Statue of Liberty.

Here are six different maps and charts and whatever that show where the best recruits come from.

There was much laughter about Hugh Freeze using a pretend funeral to motivate his team, but looking at the details, it’s not that weird. I’ve seen far stranger youth group object lessons.

This story about Charlie Weis is good, and yes, he toasted his wife with Coors Light upon receiving Notre Dame’s final $2.1 million payment this December.

A fight at a Domino’s could mean big trouble for one of Washington State’s best players.

Georgia Tech has had three members of the Swilling family in the last 35 years, including a College Football Hall of Famer, two All-Americans and two national champions. Two more committed this week.

A four-star Michigan Man became An Ex-Michigan Man after the school sent him a note thanking him for attending an event he didn’t attend and misspelled his name, he says.

Sounds like Jimbo Fisher is pretty high on his team.

Arizona State posted a typo-riddled sign to warn construction workers against stealing vital information from Sun Devils practices. I think we’ve found a new peak level of coach paranoia.

LMAO UCF is making a George O’Leary statue. We have a recommendation.

Chip Kelly said some fun stuff, as usual, including this:

Did you get to use the tackling dummies, the robotic tackling dummies? What’d you think if so?

‘We liked them. I know [head coach] Buddy Teevens from Dartmouth very well. They are the ones who designed them and came with up with the original idea. We actually tried to build one when I was at Oregon. It broke after the first tackle. It went really fast, but ...’

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